10 Gallon Whiskey Still

This 10 Gallon Whiskey Still Is Useless To Me!


In case you couldn’t tell, I am someone who really likes my alcohol. And I am also someone who has an alcohol budget. It’s not a set budget, mind you, I just look at my paycheck every week, and I try to guesstimate roughly how much of that amount will be spent on alcohol. I’t never very accurate, but obviously when my guess is higher than what I wind up spending, I look at that as profit.

Well, I am pleased to announce, that now I don’t have to spend sh*t on alcohol every week, because this is a 10 gallon whiskey still set! So now, instead of going out and buying an 8th per night, I can just make my own before I stumble outside to flip off traffic!

The still consists of a pot and still system, and each is made of copper. You don’t have to make whiskey, you can make moonshine with it too… or rum… or booze!

Wait a second.. this thing is completely useless to me, because I only drink beer. SH*T! Oh well, you might find some use from this thing.

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 2

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 3

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 4

10 Gallon Whiskey Still 5$669.95 From Amazon

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