18-In-1 Compact Cutlery Multi-Tool

This 18-In-1 Compact Cutlery Multi-Tool Is Really, Really, Really Prepared


Gone are the antiquated days when the phrase “2-in-1” elicited an excited response from anyone. These days, people want 18-in-1 or bust. So, let me introduce you to this sleek Compact Cutlery Multi-Tool Set, truly a dream come true for busy people who value efficiency and appreciate style.

We humans are busy, and very discerning, so anything that purports to be 18-in-1 is going to catch our attention, and this 18-in-1 Cutlery Multi-Tool is a showstopper. The perfect thing to throw in your lunch box for work, or into a backpack for a camping trip, this Cutlery Multi-Tool will have you spooning, forking, uncorking, and slicing with ease, all without having to dig around in your rucksack or cutlery drawer for the proper implement. This set even includes a saw and a rope cutter, should you find yourself in a situation which requires you to build a boat after lunch.

Designed with exquisite German craftsmanship, this cutlery is made out of titanium, a lightweight and attractive metal that is renowned for its strength. Slip an 18-in-1 Cutlery Multi-Tool into your pocket today, and be ready for anything!

$31.78 From Amazon

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