3D Racing Simulator

This 3D Racing Simulator Is A Step In The Right Direction!


When I was a kid, I had an Atari. After that, I had a Sega Master System, followed by the Genesis. Then I skipped on the video games for years, before getting my hands on a Playstation 2. And now I have my trusted PS3 in my bedroom, along with my roommate’s trusted PS4 in the common room. Needless to say, in the great console war that has spanned for decades now, I have decided to go with Sony.

Well, the folks down at ELSACO apparently decided to say “F*ck those console amateurs!”, because they have come up with the coolest video contraption ever, that will make any console army feel about an inch tall!

This is the 3D Racing Simulator, and it is da bomb (do the kids still say ‘da bomb?’)! In a nutshell, you sit in a chair that is raised on 4 hydraulic support beams, and sits in front of three, 27 inch HD monitors. As you drive through the streets of (insert town you always wanted to visit but never will, here), the entire thing moves to match your turns and angles!

We don’t know yet how much this thing is going to cost, but this proves that we are just one step closer to having sex with robots!

This thing works great with a oculus rift as well. Check out video below.

Via Motion Sim

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