Absurd Raft Full of Hammocks

Take Control Of The Lake With This Absurd Raft Full Of Hammocks


What could be a better day than lazily rolling down the river or lake in your favorite float? How about a relaxing day soaking up the rays in a comfortable hammock? What if you had the mystical ability to do both at the same time. You say there is no way that the law of physics would allow a hammock to coexist with a floating device. However, we have found a company that actually allows for four hammocks to float in perfect harmony on the water.

Check out this absurd raft full of hammocks and tell me this doesn’t have “awesome day” written all over it? Or you may be thinking there will be more than enough for an hour full of fail clips to upload on YouTube with this contraption. Either way, this has the workings of something quite beautiful!

Imagine slowly rocking in the lake or water with your best buds and just letting the day float by. Just make sure you have no easy access to the ocean as this does not look as though it would be that stable to take on strong currents, waves, and beasts of the depth! However, for the lake, this looks like a promising way to lead a stress-free day.

Absurd Raft Full of Hammocks 2

Absurd Raft Full of Hammocks 3
Via Hammocraft

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