ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub

ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub: This Thing Is Cool As Hell!


I am going to be completely honest with you. When I first looked at this thing, I thought “LOL, what the f*ck is wrong with people?! This thing looks ridiculous!” That was my first impression. But then I started reading about what is is and how it works. I apologize for my initial assumptions, because this thing is f*cking awesome!

Okay, this is a wooden hot tub that gets rid of the electric cords, chemicals (are there chemicals in hot tubs?), and just all around pains in the ass that come with a traditional jacuzzi. And the best thing about it? It works by FIRE!!

That’s right, all you gotta do is fill the tub, which can hold up to 200 gallons, with water. Then get some firewood and put it in the wire basket that protrudes from the side. Light that f*cker up and in about 2 hours, that water will be at 100 degrees! The heat travels through two thick metal cables that wrap around the wire basket and stretch to the tub.

And of course there is a bar built in, why would you even need to ask that?!

ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub 2

ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub 3

ALFI Wood-Burning Hot Tub 4$3,541.71 From Amazon

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