Teddy Bear Face Panties With Ears

Check Out These Red Wing Panties!


Have you ever gotten your “red wings”? It is sort of a right of passage when you are growing up as a male in a perverted society. You don’t have to get them, but if you do, you get to say that you got them, and that is impressive. So what are red wings? Well, that is when you eat a girl out while she is on her period, and the flow is so intense that it gets on your ears. The ears are your wings. Hence, red wings.

Is that gross? Well then maybe you should learn to appreciate the female anatomy.

Well, even though these are just panties with a couple flaps sewn to them, they reminded me of that. But the flaps are actually meant to look like ears, which coincide with the design of that particular pair of bum supporters. Meaning, the panties look like a cat face or something and the flaps are the ears!

These animal panties are 100% cotton, and come in a vast variety of styles, so you can put a face to your bum!

Brown Bear Face Pantie With Ears

Pig Face Pantie With Ears

Panda Face Pantie With Ears

Kitty Face Pantie With Ears

Ginger Cat Face With Ears

Fox Face pantie With Ears
$35+ From Etsy

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