Antique Beer Bottle Lamp

Antique Beer Bottle Lamp: DO YOU LIKE BEER?!


I brag about being a cook a lot. Because I have room to. But one thing I also love is beer, and anything to do with beer! So when I see any product that has to do with beer… well, first I go grab a beer… but then I get excited and write a description about it! And this is no exception.

This is a lamp that uses an actual antique beer bottle to diffuse the light from a light bulb. What that means, is that the bulb goes inside the bottle, and the thickness of the bottle spreads the light, making it softer and more mood inducing… so if you have picked up a floozy at the bar, they will love this thing.

“Did you say actual antique?” Yeah, ya f*cking moron, if you needed to ask that question, just read the second paragraph! Only I just typed that, so I was the one asking. I’m the chucklehead.

Anyways, the light uses an actual bottle from the Charter’s Valley Brewing Company, and dates back anywhere from 1890 to 1920. The structure itself looks like piping, but comes in a variety of different styles. And it has a cool on/off switch that looks like a spicket knob!

Antique Beer Bottle Lamp 2

Antique Beer Bottle Lamp 3

Antique Beer Bottle Lamp 4$165 From Amazon

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