App Controlled Garage Door Opener

App Controlled Garage Door Opener: Finally… Garage Doors SOLVED!


I can’t count how many times I have forgotten how to open a garage door. It happens every time I drive up to my mansion in my Mercedes Benz, talking with my agent. I just can’t seem to remember how to get that f*cking door to open up so I can get my car inside and go relax in my hottub with my several maids and golden water.

Well this thing should make it easier. This is an app that you can buy for your phone that will open your garage door for you. So now you can even open your door when you are just bored at work or something!

The app controlled garage door ppener works, via a unit that you physically attach to your garage door, and interacts with an app that you download from your phone.. and don’t worry, it send you updates and alerts anytime your door opens when you are not home. So you can keep a close eye on that cheating, no good, deadbeat you live with!

$139 From Amazon

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