Arcade Coin Drop Belt Buckle

Arcade Coin Drop Belt Buckle: The Perfect Belt Buckle For Cheap Prostitutes


Unfortunately, arcades are slowly dying out. Which sucks, because sometimes there is nothing cooler than going to a huge room and being surrounded by videogames! They now have things called “Barcades”, which are arcades that you can drink at. While the concept is great, the beers tend to be ridiculously expensive. So the dream is lost.

However, if you are a cheap prostitute, then this is for you! This is a belt buckle that looks like the 25 cent slot on the front of any game machine! So now you can just have clients pump you full of quarters, before they pump you full of…. well, you know.

The arcade belt buckle is made from actual machine parts, so you know it is authentic, and has a metal back. It looks exactly like the coin slots from the classic arcade games and pinball machines that we all used to enjoy. I don’t think it has a return option, so you don’t have to worry about spitting!

Arcade Coin Drop Belt Buckle 2

Arcade Coin Drop Belt Buckle 3

Arcade Coin Drop Belt Buckle 4$42 From Etsy

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