Artisan Meat Subscription Box

Artisan Meat Subscription Box: We Dare You Not To Drool Over Our Meat


At this stage of the game, you have surely heard of or seen many of the mystery boxes that are available online. There are toys, makeup, even tampons! If you are looking for a surprise fitted to your personality there is one available. You may even subscribe to one or more of these monthly subscription boxes. I can tell you that I have several come each month and I love it.

Today, I happened to come across a box that is destined for greatness among all the true carnivores that are reading this blog. For the first time ever, you can have 4 – 6 artisan meats delivered to your home each month. And make no mistake about it this is not your Oscar Mayer bologna or Virginia baked ham. Not that there is anything wrong with either of them, but this meat is going to make your blood flow. This is the kind of meat that gives you an erection and makes you want to go out and kill a buffalo with your bare hands.

Each month you could be salivating over and sinking your teeth into Italian Salumi, Artisanal Jerky, and Spanish Chorizo just to name a few. These meats are cured by the finest artisans around the world using the most ethical and exquisite methods possible.

I can guarantee you will never look at meat in the same way again and you are going to have a special day circled on the calendar each month. And for once it is not the time that a period should be starting. It is the day that you get real meat delivered to your door.

Artisan Meat Subscription Box 2

Artisan Meat Subscription Box 3
$55 From Carnivore Club

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