Baby Heartbeat and Oxygen Monitor Sock

There Is Nothing Funny About This Baby Heartbeat and Oxygen Monitor Sock


Is your baby broken? You don’t know? Well, you would if you bought this baby heartbeat and oxygen monitor sock!

The first 6 months or so of a child’s life is known as “baby boot camp”. It’s called that because during that time in a baby’s life, they rely on you to do EVERYTHING. You gotta help them eat, help them sh*t, help them not have a job, and yes, keep them alive.

It’s tough to sound humorous when describing a product that could potentially save millions of lives every year. Lots of babies fall victim to things in their sleep that unfortunately kill them without having any visible symptoms. This Owlet baby monitor sock has a device attached to it that reads your baby’s heart rate, pulse, and body temperature amongst other things, and sends you a text if anything appears out of the ordinary.

No word on whether or not the device changes diapers for you, or feeds your child spawn, but that would be pretty sweet!

Baby Heartbeat and Oxygen Monitor Sock 2

Baby Heartbeat and Oxygen Monitor Sock 3$249.99 From Amazon

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