Bacon Flavored Coffee

Bacon Flavored Coffee: Finally, Coffee That Tastes Like Happy!


I am probably one of the only people on the planet who doesn’t like coffee. Hey, before you jump down my throat, I suffer from anxiety issues. And when you add caffeine to anxiety, what happens is a zombie-like effect. It’s not that you are stupid, it’s more like you try to form a coherent thought, and struggle to while keeping your eyes open. Plus, coffee tastes like sh*t!

I do however, like bacon. If you don’t like bacon, then don’t talk to me. And now (for you java-jerkers), here is some bacon flavored coffee! So now, you skip the most IMPORTANT meal of the day, just so that you can indulge in that sweet liquid that you are definitely addicted to.

The way they do this is quite simple… like seriously simple. They take bacon grease and pour it over the coffee beans. I’m not kidding, that is literally all that’s happening here… you could just make this yourself just as easily. You should!

$17 From Bewdly

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