baKBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver

baKBlade DIY Back Hair Shaver: BACK SHAVER HERE!!!


We have all been there. You bring a date home, you are getting hot and heavy, this is going to happen. You are about to feel the sweet bee’s knees that is getting laid.. You begin to disrobe, and all of the sudden, a shriek pierces the mood and you shudder as your date runs out the door.

It’s not your fault you are a freak of nature. You were just born this way. It’s not your fault that you have an Amazon of back hair. And you crying in the corner isn’t going to do a damned thing to fix that!

But this might help! This is the baKBlade do-it-yourself back hair remover, and it is like a backscratcher that could kill you! Think of it as shaving your face with a blade, only over a much larger area, and with a much bigger blade.

It is a little over a foot long, with a four and a half inch blade that (they assure you) provides a low risk of cutting.

$34.95 From Amazon

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