Batman Chair Cape

Batman Chair Cape: You Are Not Batman!


We all want to believe it, but I have to break it to you: I’m Batman. No, you say? You’re Batman? Well, son, prove it! Prove to me that you are the crime fighter that I am not, and that you are in fact the Dark Knight, and I am a mere guy who likes to dress up like a superhero!

Well now, you can get a leg up on me with this stylish Batman cape that attaches to your computer chair! You will look like the dark crusader anytime you sit down to find bad guys now, or whenever you want to look at porn!

The cape is 2 feet long, with a frayed bottom side, and hooks up to your chair, via a belt loop that even has the Bat symbol on it! But probably the best thing about this thing, is that it is colored like the classic Batman cape, with a blue base layer, and a bright yellow and black Bat symbol!

You’ll in fact have 2 advantages over me, because I don’t even own a computer chair!

$24.99 From Entertainment Earth

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