Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers Will Serve Your Drinks Well


There is nothing quite like a cold drink after a hard day of work. Let’s be honest here, there is nothing quite like a good cold drink, period. However, if you use regular ice in a drink, you know it is going to melt and ruin your drink. Do you really want a watered down whiskey or coke after working your butt off all day? I for one would rather pass on that opportunity.

Thankfully, there is a company that is vigilantly working against watered down drinks with the introduction of battle rattle whiskey chillers. These unique stainless steel have been designed and created by service-disabled veterans and will make you smile just by glancing them in your drink. Unlike some other chillers on the market, these add a distinct punch to your drink. Each one has been crafted to resemble land mines, grenades, and other destructive devices.

These are perfect for anyone who likes to blow things up! Gamers, war memorabilia collectors, and military personal will love them. Knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go directly back into various veteran organizations will make you feel good about using these.

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 2

Battle Rattle Whiskey Chillers 3
$70 From Battle-Rattle

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