BBQ Grill Mat

This BBQ Grill Mat Is Pretty Sweet!


There is not much more I like more than grilling. The fresh air, the shade of a tree or two, the smell of food and beer, and my slutty neighbor coming out in her underwear just to tell us how good everything smells. Then she usually tells us about her near death experiences and winds up running back into her apartment in tears. It’s really quite amusing.

Anyways, here is a pretty nifty grill product. It is a non-stick BBQ grill mat. You pretty much use this thing to prevent small ingredients from being lost in your grill when they fall through the grates. Now they will have nowhere to fall, which means they will wind up in your mouth, unable to avoid the easy way out!

The BBQ grill mat is dishwasher safe for cleaning, and is big enough to fit a whole egg and bacon breakfast on, measuring 15.75″ x 13″. As an added bonus, you will still get grill marks on whatever you throw on it, be it a green bell pepper, or your slutty neighbor’s face!

BBQ Grill Mat 2$10.99 From Amazon

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