Bone Appétit Spoon

Bone Appétit Spoon: The Cooking Spoon For Serial Killers!


Look, I brag about being an awesome cook quite a bit, and I realize that may get on people’s nerves a little. So I’ll let you know the honest truth… I am an awesome cook! I could cook circles around you with one hand, so I am always happy to write about any cooking related product, even if it is a total piece of crap! This is not so much a stupid piece of crap, but it is just a cooking spoon when it all boils down to it.

It is the Bone Appetit cooking spoon, and it named such because the handle looks like a bone that has had the meat freshly boiled off. So now you will look like you are cooking human flesh, but no one will see, because of the lonely, lonely life you lead. This perfect for you if you idolize Jeffrey Dahmer and/or Ed Gein, but just don’t really want to kill people (good for you)!

The spoon is made of silicone, and measures just under a foot long, the mouth is 2.4 inches wide, and is 1.6 inches deep. So it is pretty much your average cooking spoon, good for stirring stews, stirring soups, stirring sauces, and looking like you are a murderer!

Bone Appétit Spoon 2

Bone Appétit Spoon 3
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