Boobs Shaped Ice Mold

Boobs Shaped Ice Luge Mold: Frozen Boobs Are The Life Of The Party


Have you ever planned a party and it turned out to be a so-so event? It happens to the best of us. Sometimes we try to think of everything and the party still misses the mark.

You end up being the person on the block who has lame parties. Life is way too short to have that label tagged on your back.

I am going to tell you what you need to have at every party so it kills it every single time.

Are you ready?


Don’t worry you do not have to pay for a group of strippers. Besides, I don’t think that would go over to well with the wife of girlfriend. No, boys this is the incredible boobs shaped ice luge mold and it is guaranteed to get the party started!

To get the party moving, pour your favorite alcoholic beverage down the top and take turns sucking out of the nipples. Sure, it sounds odd but it is a lot of fun.

Don’t worry girls, you are not going to be forced to suck from nipples. There is a penis mold that can be purchased in addition or alone, so everyone has a good time!

Boobs Shaped Ice Mold 2

Boobs Shaped Ice Mold 3

Penis Shaped Ice Mold

Penis Shaped Ice Mold 2

Penis Shaped Ice Mold 3

Penis Shaped Ice Mold 4

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