Booze Filled Piñata

Booze Filled Pinata: An Amazing Party Idea


When I was a kid, I loved candy. There was probably nothing better in the world than occasions when you would score some free treats, like Halloween, but especially at a birthday party that had a pinata. Because not only did I love candy, but I also loved blindly beating the sh*t out of things!

But then I grew up, and candy was replaced by alcohol. And while I could always go to a bar and beat the crap out of someone and steal their drink, it just wasn’t the same. I miss my childhood.

But now there is a solution to that! This is a pinata. Only it’s filled with BOOZE! That’s right, so now you can put on a blindfold, grab a stick, beat the hell out of a fake animal, and you will be rained upon with nips of various different alcohols. Yes, I said nips. This thing is called the Nipyata, so I am not wrong there.

They have an array of models, including the classic donkey pinata, a sombrero, and even giant numbers to represent how old you are. The different packages come with different assortments of nips, and they even have packages that only have beer (just in case you are one of those “mean” drunks)! Oh, and if you still like candy, you can throw some of that in there too!

Booze Filled Piñata 2

Booze Filled Piñata 3

Booze Filled Piñata 4
$89.99 From Nipyata

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