Booze Monthly Subscription Boxes

Booze Monthly Subscription Boxes: How Much Booze Can You Drink In A Month?


Unless you have been living under a rock or didn’t pay your internet bill, you have seen all those monthly subscription boxes that are available online. You can get candy, diapers, gourmet foods, even tampons from around the world. I’m actually not sure on that last one, but if it’s not available it will be soon. So why not a whisky box? What better way to greet the UPS man ready to down some new and unique drinks?

Well someone heard us and have blessed us with Booze Monthly subscription boxes. These incredible boxes will be sent to you each month featuring 3 premium brands in every box you receive. Each month your senses are going to be overwhelmed with incredible tastes and smells that make you feel alive again.

If you don’t have the desire to fill you house with fire water on a monthly basis, this makes an incredible gift for just about anyone on your shopping list! Take a look today and see how you can start with a great discount!

$17.03 From Flaviar

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