Brain Jello Mold

Brain Jello Mold: A Mold For You Aspiring Cannibals!


Let’s face it: being a cannibal is hard work. You have to go out and hunt for victims, then you have to kill them, then you have to butcher them, then you have to preserve the remains, then you have to get rid of what you aren’t going to use, then you have to try and convince people to come over for a dinner party, then you have to explain yourself, and, finally, you have to rot in prison for the rest of your life because you are a sick, dangerous person. PHEW! That’s a lot of work!

But, we have found a little loophole, so long as you can make Jello (if you can’t make Jello, I hate you)! This is a jello mold that will make a Jello brain for you! So now you can invite people over for your morbid dinner party, and serve them…. Jello. Just tell them you killed a Jello man or something.

The mold is about 8 by 7 inches, so it makes a pretty big brain, meaning you can also say you killed a smart person!

$5.95 From Amazon

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