Bucket List Scratch Off World Map

Bucket List Scratch Off World Map: A Perfect Map For Forgetful People!


There is no way around it. One day, you are going to die. It’s all going to be over. Every second, every moment of your entire life is going to lead up to one event and you will no longer be an inhabitant of this planet. Your days are numbered and your time is limited, so you really need to get off your ass and start working on that bucket list. I have a bucket list. It includes having one day in my life narrated by Morgan Freeman, and there is a list of pornstars that I would like have some… eh hem… one-on-one time with.

But, if you have a more practical bucket list, like travelling the world, then this would be great for you. This is a scratch off world map that can help you keep track of the places you go!

The map is about 2 feet by 3 feet. When you travel to a country, scratch off the silver coating over it, and it will reveal a cool illustration pertaining to said country, and in many cases, some fun facts. If you have alzheimer’s this could be useful too. So go travel the world before you die tomorrow!

Bucket List Scratch Off World Map 2

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