Bullet Bluetooth Earbuds

Bullet Bluetooth Earbuds: A Step In The Wrong Direction


If you are like me, the thought of any of these technology driven zombies putting a bullet in their brain makes you calm and happy. Wherever I go, it is just a sea of faces glued to their phones and computers, which are mysteriously getting smaller… and smaller… and smaller.

However, this product is not an actual bullet. And it also represents something that I personally feel doesn’t need to get any smaller. This is the bullet bluetooth earbud set with charger, and it is a set of tiny earbud headphones that wirelessly connect to your phone or other device. They are complete with noise reducing qualities, and are designed for the best sound quality you can get.

But how long will it be before earbuds get so small that they just fall into your head, so the government can start sending you secret messages? A moth once crawled into my ear when I was a kid. It was stuck there for hours. That sucked. True story.

Bullet Bluetooth Earbuds 2

Bullet Bluetooth Earbuds 3

Bullet Bluetooth Earbuds 4$150 From Schatzii

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