Butt Lamp

This Lamp Makes Butt Slapping Part Of Life!


Okay, so I am going to level with you. I am not the smartest person in the world, nor am I the best looking. But, I do have the same interests as you, including every fan of hip hop ever born. I like butts. Big ones! Especially ones that light up! And I have now discovered a product that will probably make my life complete!

This lamp is the “Slap It”, and it is a light that turns on and off when you smack it. Oh, and it looks like an ass, so it technically turns on and off when you spank it, or squeeze it like a boob!

I am unsure what this butt lamp is made of, but I am assuming something like silicone, because it jiggles like a real butt when you hit it. Plus, the frosty diffusion it gives out supports the silicone theory. Either way, you can finally make smacking a fine ass part of your daily routine!

$225.85 – $604.82 From Slap It

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