Cannabis Cookbook

Cannabis Cookbook: Duuuuuuuude,This Is Like, Such A Pallet Cleanser With Elevated Flavors That Compliment Each Other So Well!


“Sup, dude? Dude, check it out, I made these awesome pot cookies. You gotta try one, they’re like, so potent… dude.”

Does this sound familiar? How many times has one of your stoner friends raved about their pot cooking skills just because they managed to bake a damned cookie or a brownie. Every single time, you want to come back with something like “that’s nothing, man. Check out this pot Mac N’ Cheese I made. I call it Wack N’ Cheese!”

Well, now you can become a master THC cuisine (no, that doesn’t stand for Toked H’UP Cooking), with “Herb: Mastering The Art Of Cooking With Cannabis”!

This cannabis cookbook has over 200 pages that contain mouthwatering recipes from Laurie Wolf and Melissa Parks. Those are two well-known chefs. Anyways, they have come up with methods to tone down the flavor of the ganga, while affecting its potency. The best part is that you will get high off the first meal, and then you will get the munchies and cook another one and eat that and get more high, and so forth, and so forth…

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