Car Seat Caddy

Car Seat Caddy: Reclaim The Lost Gold That Has Fallen Into The Cracks In Your Car


As you know, your car is a fantastic place to lose all sorts of treasures. On any given day, your car will swallow up cash, jewelry, food, clothing, and electronic devices. It is hard to say just how much we have lost in that black void at the car’s center console alone. However, I suspect it is more than most of us have in our lifetime savings! There was a time when there was very little we could do about this form of theft.

However, with the car seat caddy on the market, we can make it a little harder for our car to rob us blind! All you have to do is slide this sweet device in between your car seat and the console and your possessions will be saved! The caddy is designed from a high-quality PU leather and will blend in with just about any color scheme your car has. It has been created to fill in a gap between .75 and 1.5 inches. That is more than enough to save that classic Bon Jovi audio tape from being swallowed up!

It is time to put your foot firmly on the brake and not allow your car to thieve from you! The car seat caddy is designed to do just that. Think of the all the quarters that will not be sucked into the void, you may actually be able to afford the car wash more!

$23.97 From Amazon

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