Cardboard Home Cinema

Cardboard Home Cinema: This Is A box, Modernized


If you are a person or a cat, you like boxes. There are lots of things you can do with a box. You can sit in it, you can put stuff in it, you can use it to blind your opponent in a classic one on one street fight. But it has to be raining in that scenario, because street fights should always happen when it is raining.

Apparently, another thing you can do with a box, is look like a total fool while watching a movie on your phone or tablet, with this Home Cinema thing. This essentially a box with a hole cut in it. But when the little audience member cutouts, it is almost like being in an actual movie theater!

The box is made so that you lay down and put it over your head, facing up. On the side you are facing, will be one of a few rectangular cut outs to fit your device like a theater screen, and an additional cutout to look like audience members. Only these people won’t talk or be on their phones! Never been a problem for me personally. I have never had a problem telling people in a movie theater to shut the f*uck up!

Cardboard Home Cinema 2

Cardboard Home Cinema 3

Cardboard Home Cinema 4$35.74 From Firebox

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