Cat Motorcycle Helmet

Cat Motorcycle Helmet: ALSO… CATS!!!


I have to admit, sometimes there is nothing hotter than a hot lady on a motorcycle. I am not sure what it is. Maybe it is because I like girl that are bad-ass. Maybe it is because I like girls that like to go fast. Maybe it is because I know that that engine is vibrating their special area, so it has to be turning them on (I’m a giver)… was that too vulgar? Oh well.

Also, cats!

If you like those two things, then here is something for you! This is a motorcycle helmet that looks like the head of a cat! Complete with cat ears! So whether you find cat girls on motorcycles completely hot, or you are Egyption, this is a great accessory!

The helmets are made of standard high-quality fiberglass helmet stuff, and the ears are made of that same stuff. They have a ventilation system and removable polyester lining, and come in a few different varieties.

Also, CATS!!!

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 2

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 3

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 4

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 5

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 6

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 7

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 8

Cat Motorcycle Helmet 9$495+ From Nitrinos

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