Cat-Opoly: Here Kitty Kitty…Mama’s Got A New Game


How many crazy cat ladies and guys do you personally know? It’s OK, we are all friends here and will not judge you. I happen to know two fairly well and they will take anything that has a feline on it. This is a good thing as it is never hard to find them a gift. Find a cat related item and wrap it up and we are good to go.

I did begin to think how many kitty-cat sweater could one person have? So I went about to look for a new and unique gift and came across the Cat-Opoly game board. I don’t think we have to disguise the fact that this is a Monopoly game with kitty cats, do we? All your current favorites from the classic board game have been transformed into feline variations.

The jail is gone, only to be replaced by a bath tub. While the tokens now feature a fish, cat food, a ball of yarn, and sardines. What, no litter box? The biggest change? No longer are you wheeling and dealing for Atlantic City properties, but all types of cats.

So take your allergy medication and bring a big bowl of milk for kitty as it’s going to be a long night of Cat-Opoly!

Cat-Opoly 2$17.09 From Amazon

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