Cat Pirate Costume

Cat Pirate Costume: Aaarggggh! There Be Feline Pirates Here


Are you tired of your cat looking so “cat-like”? It does get somewhat old seeing them in the same fur day in and day out. Of course, you could always get one of those silly cat sweaters, but doesn’t your cat deserve a little more flair than that?

If you have a cat that seems like it would enjoy dressing like Elton John, you and your cat will appreciate this cat pirate costume. Don’t let the costume tag confuse you into thinking this is just for Halloween. In fact, your cat will appreciate this fancy costume anyday of the week. It is sure to make for a party atmosphere in your home!

This costume is unisex and unispecies as it can be worn by your favorite canine companion as well. As for sizing your small pets will appreciate the small size which should fit cats or dogs that weigh between 11 – 16.5 lbs. The medium size is designed for pets between 16.5 – 33 lbs, and the large is for cats or dogs that weigh between 33 – 44 lbs. Please tell me you do not have a cat that weighs 44 pounds!

Cat Pirate Costume 2

Cat Pirate Costume 3

Cat Pirate Costume 4

Cat Pirate Costume 5

Cat Pirate Costume 6

Cat Pirate Costume 7

Cat Pirate Costume 8
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