Cat Tent

Cat Tent: Are You As Stupid As Your Cat?


It’s no secret that cats are stupid. Like, really really stupid. It doesn’t really matter what you give them, if they like it they will use it, they will repay you by sitting on your face in those times where you want nothing more than to sleep. Why? They don’t have to go out or anything. They are just doing it to be a stupid dick!

So, if you want to spend money on yet another thing that your cat won’t remotely appreciate, here is a freaking cat tent. It looks like a camping tent, so you can make jokes to your coworkers about how your cat is an indoor outdoorsman, and they will hate you.

The tent is made of regular weatherproof tent materials (scientific name), and has a zipper doorway, along with a secret rear exit. It stands at just over a foot tall, and just under 2 feet squared. You could just make this thing out of a piece of cardboard, 2 coat hangers, and a t-shirt though. Seriously, I have seen the tutorial online!

Cat Tent 2

Cat Tent 3

Cat Tent 4$49.95 From Cat Camp

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