Cat Window Perch

Cat Window Perch: Your Cat Does Not Deserve This!


In this vast, and crazy, mixed up universe, there are many truths. Things that just are, and are completely explained by science, no matter what some god-fearing bible thumper may tell you. Gravity keeps us grounded, for every action there is a reaction, and yes, cats are complete d*cks!

Felines just sit around, walk where they want, puke where they want, do a half assed job of burying their poo, and annoy the hell out of you when they want to be fed. Why I own one, I don’t know. And why you spoil yours, I also don’t know.

But, nonetheless, if you are going to give your cat the treatment that it doesn’t deserve, here is one more thing to add to your shopping list. This is a bed that attaches to your window, so now your cat can look out from a view that is the kitty equivalent of a high rise apartment.

The cat window perch attaches via a set of suction cups, and is roughly 2 feet by 1 feet. The rim is made from PVC piping, and the surface is made from a tough fabric. and the cables that hold the thing up are made from strong stainless steel, just in case your cat is a fat ass!

Cat Window Perch 2

Cat Window Perch 3

Cat Window Perch 4
$39.95 From Amazon

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