Celebrity Prayer Candles

Celebrity Prayer Candles: Pray To The Real Heroes!


One thing that is great about America, is that we have the freedom of religion. Well kind of. We do have the technical freedom to believe in any god you want, or don’t believe in a god, or express yourself.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really seem like we have any social freedom of religion. Muslims are ridiculed, atheists are told they are going to hell, and we are currently in danger of making this country a completely church and state hybrid government, which is disgusting. This day and age, our amendment should say you have freedom of religion, as long as you are christian, just to show the hypocrisy that has bled into us.

So, in a move that is the step in the right direction, here are some prayer candles that sport pictures of the REAL heros, celebrities! So now you can pray to something that is real, you know that actually concretely exists, instead of relying on a bunch of fairy tales that our ancestors told us about (getting an idea of my religious stance here?)!

Each celebrity prayer candle is made of candle stuff, and features pictures of celebs like Miley Ray Cyrus, Drake, or Lindsay Lohan…. wait…. Lindsay Lohan? Seriously?

Celebrity Prayer Candles 2

Celebrity Prayer Candles 3

Celebrity Prayer Candles 4$14 From Etsy

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