Cereal Killer Spoon

Cereal Killer Spoon: Just Be Careful


One of the most prolific serial killers in history was Pedro “Monster Of The Andes” Santos. In his killing career, he is suspected of killing more than 300 people (mostly children). He was found out when there was a flood, and many of his victim bodies floated to the surface. He served the maximum sentence of 50 years and is now a free man, whereabouts unknown.

So, if you know a person like Pedro, this is a great gag gift! It is a spoon that says “Cereal Killer” on it, so when they are eating breakfast, they can laugh at the pun, as they stare at you, tied up in your torture chair, and they will think, “real funny. You think you know me. But you have no idea the darkness that lurks deep in my brain, the insatiable need to take life from this planet… I’m going to f*cking kill you.” But they will just laugh.

The cereal killer spoon is silver plated and is hand stamped.

$18 From Etsy

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