Chambong: Why Would You Chug Champagne?


I know i spend a lot of time ripping apart all of these products that promote drinking like a child, but you have to understand. I am a veteran drinker. I have probably drank more in the past 20 years than you could drink in a lifetime. I’m not trying to brag, I’m just saying, the whole whoo hoo partying phase is long in my past, and I actually find it pretty juvenile at this point.

Like I just said, I have been there, the days of chugging 40’s through beer bongs, and I have seen some crazy sh*t in my time. My friend once chugged an entire bottle of whiskey in one tilt. He threw up after, but he was f*cked up as hell afterwards. I don’t remember most of that night, but I remember that part. And that we were 17 years old. Sh*t, I’m lucky to be alive at this point.

But even with all of those years of immature and irresponsible drinking under my belt, I still can ask: why the hell would you ever chug champagne? Like seriously, what a stupid thing to do! But that didn’t stop a bunch of jackasses from inventing the Chambong, a champagne glass designed with a flute to help you chug out of it.

The Chambong is made of glass, and can hold 4 ounces of a drink that you are supposed to sip and enjoy. It also comes with its own elegant holding bow. Pretty much, everything about this thing is classy as f*ck, except for its own concept!

Chambong 2

Chambong 3

Chambong 4

Chambong 5$30 From Amazon

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