Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie

Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie: Don’t Get Teased When You Wear This Hoodie!


When I was a kid, like a little little kid, I remember how touchy your status quo could be. If you had a funny haircut, or a stupid shirt, you were subject to relentless teasing from your fellow, developing peers. And God forbid you are the kid throws up in the middle of math class. Seriously, that sh*t takes YEARS to redeem yourself from!

So I wish I had this thing when I was a kid. This is a kiddie hoodie that looks like a spiked dinosaur, and it is bad ass! ALL kids like dinosaurs and they want to be one and now they can! The spikes give a nice punk rock feel to the whole affair.

The dinosaur hoodie is made of felt, and is soft and warm to ensure that your kid doesn’t get a cold or some horrid crap like that. The spikes run in a straight line from the front of the hood, all the way down the back, and they are made of fleece. You can order this thing in all sizes, and can even pick your own color combinations!

Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie 2

Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie 3

Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie 4

Children’s Dinosaur Hoodie 5$26 From Etsy

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