Classic Literature Books For Babies

Classic Literature Books For Babies: Hook Em’ While They’re Young!


One of the best things about revisiting the classic stories from our childhoods, is finding out exactly how out of this world f*cked up those stories are! As adults, we realize how much violence lies in classic tales, and come to a subtle realization that whoever wrote them was obviously a drug user. Seriously, baby’s books are absolutely riddled with drug references.

So, in the classic style of the tobacco industry, it’s time to hook them while they’re young! And here is a great way to do that! These are some more adult themed classic stories, but in the form of baby’s books!

These are the books that are borderline adult, that you wouldn’t typically read until you were a teenager. Titles include “Alice In Wonderland”, “Pride And Prejudice”, “Dracula”, and (of course) “Romeo And Juliet”! And there are several other titles as well, because we don’t want to half ass this!

The classic literature books for babies are written by various authors, and are the classic stories, catered and dumbed down to be told to little kids.

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