Clear Makeup Bag

Clear Makeup Bag: A Fast And FUN Way To Never Losing Your Makeup Again!


How many times have you wanted to do a quick touchup on your makeup and not be able to find your foundation or lipstick? Many of us carry around our lives in our purse and makeup has an easy way of making its way to the bottom of the bag.

If you are anything like me you have no desire to empyty out the contents of your purse in public. Do your co-workers really need to see tampons, birth control, and any other private aspects of your life. I know I would prefer to keep that aspect of my life private!

An easy work around is slinging all of your makeup into a large Ziploc bag. While that may work it certainly isn’t that fashionable. So if you are looking to get the best of both worlds you may want to check out this clear makeup bag that is handmade by an artist at Etsy.

This makeup bag measures 10″ w x 7.5″ h x 2″ deep and is constructed in Brooklyn, NY. Everything about this bag is stylish and functional. Featuring a thick clear vinyl body with a beautiful leather boarder and brass zipper, you will never be lost for makeup again.

In fact, don’t feel obligated to keep this as a makeup bag. It works beautifully as a stand alone clutch. Just make sure you keep your secrets at home!

Clear Makeup Bag 2

Clear Makeup Bag 3

Clear Makeup Bag 4

Clear Makeup Bag 5
$68 From Etsy

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