Cocktails of the Movies

Cocktails of the Movies: Do You Like It Shaken – Not Stirred?


Throughout the history of movies there have always been unique and interesting cocktails. They have become part of pop culture. In fact, there are many drinks that have been featured in movies that have outlived the popularity of the movie!

If you have ever wanted to taste The Dude’s White Russian in The Big Lebowski or the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster that was featured in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you now have the opportunity.

Take a look at this book featuring the cocktails of the movies. It has been skillfully written by Will Francis and Stacey Marsh and features 64 recipes and histories of the movies greatest cocktails. If you like to see what the finsihed product is supposed to look like you will appreciate the beautiful illustrations and photographs contained within the book.

So take a look and bang out an incredible Moloko Plus this evening! Start enjoying the movie’s most famous cocktails tonight!

Cocktails of the Movies 2

Cocktails of the Movies 3

Cocktails of the Movies 4

Cocktails of the Movies 5

Cocktails of the Movies 6

Cocktails of the Movies 7

Cocktails of the Movies 8

Cocktails of the Movies 9$12.99 From Amazon

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