Converse Socks Crochet Pattern

Converse Socks Crochet Pattern: Let Us Introduce You To Your Favorite Pair Of Socks


Do you have a favorite pair of Converse you wish you could just wear 24/7? It may even be that awesome pair you wore back in the ’80s. However, it is not that comfortable or practical to wear sneakers all the time. Think about all the dirt you would track through the house and how hard cuddling would be with your lover at night. So to combat this situation, we have found the Converse socks crochet pattern.

This pattern is for all the people who feel naked in life when they don’t have their favorite pair of Converse sneakers on. This is a simple pattern that you download from the internet and print off. These instructions will show you everything you need to know about how to make socks that look like a genuine pair of Converses. It is recommended that you know how to crochet or know someone who does or at least willing to learn. The pattern is fairly simple and all you need is various yarn and some crochet hooks.

While we would suggest that you go and play some hard hoops with these, they are perfect for lounging around the house as you read your favorite James Patterson novel. This pattern is sure to make socks and crocheting cool again.

Converse Socks Crochet Pattern 2$5.67 From Etsy

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