Cool Ink 3D Printing Pen

Cool Ink 3D Printing Pen: Bring Your (Sick) Artwork To Life!


You gotta face it at some point. Growing up as an artist can be hard at times. Especially if you live in a testosterone fueled suburbia, where you aren’t anybody if you don’t play eerily homoerotic sports while calling everyone else around you queer. So, maybe you are being bullied. And to deal with it, you draw pictures of your tormentors dying in terrible ways.

Well now you can make your artwork more of a reality with these 3D printing pens! So now, it won’t just be a picture on paper of Sam being stabbed to death. Now you can make an actual scale model of it!

This 3D printing pens are fitted with LED lights, and come in a variety of styles! You can have regular pens, or glow-in-the dark pens. You can even have pens that change colors under different temperatures!

To the victim of bullying: don’t hurt anyone. I guarantee you, years from now, you will see on social media, that your bully has spent his life being trapped by a family he got by not wearing a condom, and living in your home town. While you have gotten enough p*ssy to fill a g*ddamned warehouse!

Cool Ink 3D Printing Pen 2
$129.99 From Creo Pop

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