Critical Hit D20 Mug

Don’t Roll This Critical Hit D20 Coffee Mug!


You are a dungeon master! You are also a coffee drinker. You are also a huge dork! And you want to let your freak flag fly any chance you get! You want to let everyone know that you haven’t gotten laid for more than 10 years (except from a hot gamer chick, and for that, we commend you)!

Well, now to add to your arsenal, we present to you the 20-sided die coffee mug. Don’t throw it, it is a mug that is made to represent your favorite D&D tool! Only it holds coffee! And other liquids!

The mug is ceramic, which means it is dishwasher safe, and is styled to look like a 20-sided die. It comes with a lid to complete the illusion, so you can use it for steeping, or whatever stupid thing you tend to do!

So, okay, in retrospect, now you can look even more like a dork, unless you are banging a hot gamer chick! It doesn’t matter if you are living in your parents’ basement, you still got game!

Critical Hit D20 Coffee Mug$13.75 From Amazon

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