Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit: Hook’Em Now!


If Breaking Bad taught us anything, it is that chemistry can make us millionaires. But, for many of us, we are too old to start learning that sh*t. It is just too complicated to learn how to make perfect crystal meth, and would require years of training to perfection. If I could turn back time….

Well, here is a great way to teach your kids at a young age, the wonders of producing crystal meth! This is a crystal growing kit, and will have your kid becoming what you never could be in no time!

The kit includes 15 different experiments, and dozens of different crystal types. It even has molds that can allow you to grow the crystals in different shapes! The shapes and colors will allow your child to be the next Heisenburg!

PS: This isn’t actually a meth kit, they are just regular crystals that you grow in a science-like atmosphere… I mean, I guess you could smoke them, but…

$33.99 From Amazon

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