Dark Knight A True Batman Story

This Batman Graphic Novel Is One You Must Read Even If You Hate Comics


If you have followed the Dark Knight comics over the years, you know they are filled with unforgettable characters and storylines. However, did you know there is an even bigger story behind the comics? It seems as though it would be impossible for anything to get wilder than the Joker and Harley Quinn, but it did back in 90’s. In fact, the Dark Knight: A True Batman Story takes certain events from this time period and places them into this beautiful graphic novel.

The 128 pages were beautifully illustrated by Eduardo Risso and feature the story of Paul Dini a multiple Emmy and Eisner Award-winning writer. For those who may be unfamiliar with the name, Dini was savagely beaten while walking along LA’s La Peer Drive.

This graphic novel retraces those early dark days after the beating and his path back to recovery During the process he had all the voices of the characters he wrote for in his head. Some were talking him down like the Joker. While others helped raise him up above his situation and gain a full recovery.

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