DC Superhero and Villain Sunglasses

DC Superhero and Villain Sunglasses: Keeping Your Dork On With These Sunglasses!


It’s a fact: you can never show enough pride in your love for superheros, villains, and comic books in general! You have all the dolls… eh hem, I mean figurines, you have all the kids cartoons… eh hem, I mean movies, and you have all of the stuffed animals… eh hem, I mean… well I mean stuffed animals.

Well, now you can look even more like a dork, with these superhero and villain sunglasses! Finally, another reason for people to beat you up, as you run to Imaginationland in an attempt to become a powerhouse that can thwart your foes with a single swing.

They come in 4 different styles, representing Robin, Poison Ivy, Wonderwoman, and the crazy Harley Quinn! They offer 100% UV protection, because, well, they are sunglasses. And just in case you didn’t feel enough like an overgrown child, they are recommended for children ages 8 and up!

Just for the record, dork is the new “in”, and nerd girls are hot.

harley quinn sunglasses

Poison Ivy Sunglasses

Robin Sunglasses

wonder woman sunglasses
$9.99 From Urban Collector: Poison Ivy/Robin/Wonder Woman/Harley Quinn

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