Deadpool Leather Jacket

Deadpool Leather Jacket: Deadpool Was AWESOME!!!


You know, I have been saying for years that comic book movies suck balls. Whenever one of my friends would be ranting and raving about the new Avengers movie, or the newest X-Men movie, I would say “Man, that sh*t is for little kids.”
And I was right. Those movies are literally aimed at teenagers and that is why they are rated PG-13. It keeps being overlooked that many of these comic books have incredibly violent stories to them (sh*t, go check out the original TMNT comics. Seriously brutal!).

So when Deadpool came out as rated R, I was excited and went to see it in the theater. And I was pleased. I could take the opportunity to spoil the movie here, but I’m not a dick, so I’ll just say do yourself a favor and go see it!

So, to pay homage to a movie that could set the comic movie genre on the right track, you can now buy Deadpool’s custom leather suit! This is the jacket, and is handmade by this awesome person somewhere in Australia! And it is made with equally awesome materials, like leather, and an inner lining of viscose!

$129 From Amazon

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