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Deal With It Sunglasses: Pixels Apparently Sucked!


Have you seen the movie Pixels yet? Me either. I was really excited by the previews, because it featured video games attacking Earth. And it helped that the characters that were in it were from some of my favorite games when I was a kid. It looked like it had some funny parts, and it looked like a lot of fun. I normally don’t like many Adam Sandler movies, but this one looked like it might be pretty good.

But then I heard it sucked. Like it really, really sucked. It got terrible reviews, and anyone I know who saw it, confirmed those reviews. So, I never went to go see it, and I will probably only do so if it becomes available on Netflix.

The reason I bring that up, is because I really like the idea of mixing the pixelated universe with the real world. And here are some neat little sunglasses that do exactly that! They are from the Deal With It Memes that you can also see on many of the Thug Life Vines!

Like many sunglasses, this deal with it sunglasses are made from high quality smoked acrylic. They are one solid piece, and give the illusion that you are half man, have video game!

$23.69 From CNC

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