Digital Tape Measure

Digital Tape Measure: “Rule” Out Any Human Error


When was the last time you had to do a simple project around the house but were just too intimidated by the tape measure. It sits in that tool box mocking you. Knowing that you have no clue how to really read it. Sure you can find the inches and half-inches, but after that it just becomes a bunch of lines. I think it is safe to admit that we all slept the week we learned measurements in elementary school!

Do-it-yourselfers, you can rejoice as there is finally a way to make sure you hang all your pictures straight. You will be able to handle right angles and quarter inches like a pro! With the digital tape measure, you will never be unsure if you have an accurate measurement. All the information you need will be displayed clearly on the screen in either metric or U.S. standards.

So pick this up and never let not knowing how to read a ruler stop you from building a shelf or a house ever again!

Digital Tape Measure 2

Digital Tape Measure 3$34.23 From Amazon

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