Dino Bioluminescent Pet

Confirm You Have No Friends With The Dino Bioluminescent Pet!


I have pointed out to you several times, that you do not have any friends. You may have people that you call your friends, but trust me, they don’t like you. In fact, they are probably talking about how crappy you are right now! About how you always crack the worst jokes that only you laugh at, and how they never want to hang out with you. Just kidding, they don’t waste their time talking about you!

Well, I think I have found a new friend for you. this thing called the Dino Pet, and it is a bioluminescent night light! In case you didn’t pay attention in biology class, bioluminescent refers to organisms that process sunlight into glowing light of their own. So this thing is technically alive!

The light is filled with dinoflagellates, and despite the name, that is not a dinosaur fart. They are actually living algae that absorb light and then release it when you shake them. This particular light is shaped liked a cartoon brontosaurus, hence the name Dino Pet. It works on so many levels!

So, after you get done getting through your day of fake friendships, you can come home and play with this thing, which is also technically a fake friend, because the algae doesn’t even know you exist.

Dino Bioluminescent Pet 2

Dino Bioluminescent Pet 3

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