Dinosaur Bottle Opener

The Dinosaur Bottle Opener Will Make You Roar


Part of the fun of opening a cold bottle of beer is getting the chance to use that almost forgotten about bottle opener in the house. More than likely you have about four or five of them collecting dust in a junk drawer.

If you happened to have a cooler bottle opener, you might be more inclined to open up a few more brewskies with the buds. If that is your goal in life, you have to check out this dinosaur bottle opener! Because if life has taught me anything it’s that boys love beer, women, and dinosaurs!

You will literally be the coolest guy on the block when you show off this impressive T-Rex. He stands at the ready with his mouth wide open, ready to take on the next bottle! Keep the good times flowing and in this case, it is always a good time to feed the dinos! You just might want to make sure you keep a cold one for the dino!

$39.99 From Foodiggity Shop

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